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Richardson Lawn Care Service provides exceptional lawn care services. Your friends & neighbors will envy your healthy lawn!

Richardson Residential Lawn Service understands your lawn isn't only grass – but an investment that need to be taken care of. Our Richardson Lawn Care Service will help your yard remain healthy and look beautiful, which will help you accomplish the ideal lawn you have always wanted. 

We do all the work so you can relax and enjoy your freshly manicured yard. Richardson Lawn Mowing Service takes great pride in keeping our customer's yards looking their very best. Getting Richardson Lawn service is easy, convenient and fast. Our basic yard services consist of mowing, edging and blowing. We also offer other yard services such as hedge trimming, flower bed maintenance and mulching as well as fall leaf pickup. Here are some other services that we provide;

  • Residential Quotes over the Phone
  • Free Commercial Property Quotes
  • Mow, Edge and Blow Service
  • We offer Flower Bed Weeding
  • Hedge Trimming & Tree Trimming
  • Mulching Service
  • Fertilization
  • Flower & Plant Planting - You buy the Plants, and we will plant them.
  • Driveway or House Pressure Washing
  • We Service both Residential & Commercial Properties
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Custom Schedules Available
  • Contract NOT Required!!!
  • One (1) Time Lawn Service Available
  • Over Grown Properties Serviced
  • Same Day Service Available
  • Fall Leaf Pick Up
  • Christmas Light Design and Installation

Richardson Residential Lawn Care

A Great looking Lawn enhances your home, one that has some obvious shortcomings will detract from the look of a home and the neighborhood in general. A weed and patchy lawn or a dead plot of grass can bring down the value of the home it’s connected to, and it makes outdoor activities less enjoyable.

With the great weather that we have here in Richardson , there’s no reason to put up with a less-than-wonderful lawn. Dense, healthy turf doesn’t materialize by accident. It’s the result of timely feeding, watering, and regular maintenance. Smart lawn care not only creates a luxurious carpet of grass, it is also your first and easiest line of defense against weeds, insects, disease and other lawn problems. Preventing them from occurring is always easier than dealing with them after they rear their ugly heads.

 Richardson Lawn Service also provide all of our customers with comprehensive “Preventative Maintenance” programs for problem solving ensuring that you always have the right solution for whatever problem crops up.

Keeping ahead of lawn problems and on top of your lawn’s needs entails just a little diligence and the right knowledge and advice.  At Richardson Lawn Service, we’ll provide a watchful eye and the appropriate solutions you need to create a verdant, rich green lawn that you and your family can enjoy with pride.

You can learn a lot about your lawn just by looking at it, the color is the first thing that sticks out.  A healthy, well-fed, and well-tended lawn will be a deep consistent green.  And it’s not just the color: a healthy lawn is also dense and cut suitably high so that it has the welcoming appeal and magnetism of a plush carpet.  You just want to lay down on it.

Here at Richardson Lawn Service, we know growing a better lawn is the product of a little thought, a little time, and making sure the lawn is kept healthy.  If your lawn is kept trim, fertilized and watered, your lawn will do the rest-filling out in a thick eye-catching green and will look good even in periods of drought, overuse, or less-than-ideal weather.

Richardson Commercial Lawn Care

Commercial Lawn maintenance, such as fertilization and mowing, needs to be done on a Weekly, Bi-weekly or custom schedule depending on your needs. We provide a timely schedule, based on a time table agreed that is best for your particular schedule. We provide special services for retail business that require lawn service early before the start of business or after a business day to minimize distraction from the mowers.





Our Customers Say:

"The guys at Fresh Lawn do such a great job I reccomend them to everyone I know. If I ever move I am taking them with me!"

- Shirley Cleveland

"I was pleasantly suprised at how great my yard looks and how easy it is to work with the people at Fresh Lawn. They are definitely the best yard service I have used"

- Bob Kirby

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